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DUBAI has emerged as one of the world’s leading cities, blending the highest standards of luxury and convenience with the traditional adventure of Arabia. This cosmopolitan city of diversity sits on the crossroads of the globe and is a buzzing international hub. With its easy accessibility, state of the art infrastructure, and cutting-edge development, Dubai is well positioned for sustained long-term growth. DUBAI is a city of the future.

Also known as ‘The Centre of Now’, Downtown Dubai provides the highest level of luxuries and amenities. Investors in Dubai Real Estate enjoy the followinf benefits:

  • Tax-Free Income
  • High Return on Investment
  • Zero Property & Inheritance Tax
  • … and more!


Dubai is the 4th most Visited International Destination in the World





Here is Why You Purchase Property in Dubai

Beyond ROI

  • Minimum guaranteed rental return is 5.5% and can go as high as 11%
  • Dubai rental return on average is higher compared to London, New York or Hong Kong which averages 2 or 2.5 % annually

Strategic Location

  • Cross Roads between Asia, Europe and Africa
  • 2/3 of world within an 8 hour flight
  • 1/3 of population within a 4 hour flight

Super Safe

  • Crime rate is among the lowest in the world
  • 2nd safest city in the world as ranked by the World’s Economic Global Competitiveness Index

Sample Investment Opportunity

Timeless Wonder

Luxury Managed Hotel Apartments

  • 100% ownership
  • Offering 8% tax free net returns per year for the first 12 years
  • Prices Between $142,000 & $385,000
  • 5 year interest free payment plan
  • 10% Down payment
  • Ready for operation 3rd quarter 2021
  • Stay at the property 10 days per year

Sample Investment Opportunity

Omniyat Hospitality 

Luxury Furnished Hotel Apartments lwalking distance to the Dubai Mall & Burj Khalifa.

Ready June 2020 for handover packages of $5M

  • 6% guaranteed NET return during construction until completion (est. July 2020)
  • 8% guaranteed NET return for 3 yrs post -completion
  • Option for an 80/20 revenue share after the initial 3 years

Let’s Breakdown the Financial Opportunties 

Range of Finance Options

  • Low interest Finance options available to non-residents of Dubai at 50% LTV
  • Loan to value will range from 50 to 70% of your property value, making it very easy & affordable to buy properties in Dubai

Send Money Freely

  • No restrictions on repatriation of funds to anywhere in the world
  • If you sell your Dubai property, there are no restriction to have the money in your account or use it for any other purpose

“No Brainer” Tax Incentives

  • NO Income Tax
  • NO Capital Gains Tax
  • NO Property Tax

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