A few months ago, we wrote a blog talking about the reasons that you should consider buying new construction. You can read that blog here. New construction is a great option for many people and South Florida is especially ripe with amazing home builders.

However, many people who choose to buy new construction feel that they can do so without a real estate agent to support them. After all, you go into the sales office and very helpful people will show you the model homes and walk you through options and all the rest. There’s only one problem:

Those agents represent the builders, not you.

Just as in any real estate transaction, you need someone who is in your corner the whole way and will make sure that your interests are being protected.

Below are some of the top reasons to use a Realtor to represent you in a new construction transaction:

It Will Save You Money

In more ways than you may initially think. First, Realtors are professional negotiators. The widely held belief is that builders don’t negotiate. That is patently false. Everything is negotiable. Builders, like all sellers, want to sell their properties. An empty house just sitting there (or lot as the case may be) doesn’t do them any good. Realtors like us can push and find that bottom line.

Realtors also know how builders operate and the market values of homes (even new construction). A knowledgeable realtor will absolutely be able to save you money by making sure you don’t overpay and that “incentives” are found and taken advantage of.

It Costs You Nothing to Have Buyer Representation

If you were about to enter into a large contract in any other area of your life, what would you say if a well-respected lawyer showed up and said, “Hey, let me look at that and make sure it’s ok and I’ll do it absolutely free of charge.” Would you tell them to take a hike?

Buyers never pay the realtors they work with directly. Listing agents pre-determine to pay a commission on behalf of the home owners to the buyer’s agent. The same is true with new construction. That money is part of the builder’s bottom line. You may believe they would pass that savings on to you should you not use a Realtor. They WON’T and all you’re left with is dealing with an agent who represents the builder’s interests and not yours.

Realtors Know What to Look For

There is more to buying a house than just negotiating a contract. There are many phases of the transaction that occur after the contract is executed and the closing. One of the most important aspects is the pre-closing walkthrough/inspection.

Many builders will tell you that it isn’t necessary because it’s new construction. That’s just not the case. In fact, we have had inspections of new construction done and discovered problems with the construction and leaks in plumbing. That can all be fixed, but don’t assume everything is perfect because it was just built. In fact, at certain phases in a construction project, different contractors can be used to complete the construction and not all of them are equal in skill.

New construction is an amazing way to go for many reasons (again, read our previous blog here), but it is crucially important to work with a buyer’s agent who represents you and not the builder. It costs you nothing, can save you money and give you peace of mind. Give us one reason not to!

If you’d like to talk to us about new construction homes, feel free to call, email or DM us at any time!

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